Monday, March 10, 2014


Winter appears to be over... again. Krocky and I went to down town LA. I dressed too warmly for the weather, but it's okay because I got to jump around in a fountain! Anyway, I decided to pull this shirt out that I've had since I was probably 14. Saying that it still fits would be a debatable statement. 

Also, the two rings you see the most (the eyeball and pointed brass) were both designed by me! I made the eyeball one in my bedroom and the brass one I took a class at this really cute jewelry shop named Jenny and Jimbob in North Hollywood. It was an incredible class! I highly recommend taking it if you're local! You learn how to use the tools to carve a ring from wax and Jimbob casts it for you! I'm definitely going to take the class again!

A big thanks to my homeboy, Krocky Meshkin, for shooting me again!

Shirt: ???
Jeggings: CHARLEY 5.0

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