Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Secret Garden

I love visiting my home back in Walnut Creek. I get to see my family, my pets, and my granny's phenomenal garden! If you're ever in the area, you should really stop by the Ruth Bancroft Garden. No big deal, but she just had her 106th birthday!
Anyway, I love how flirty this dress is! The sheer fabric provides such a fun opportunity to play with under layers! It is short, so you might want to throw some shorts on underneath, but it's really up to you! I like to climb stuff in my dresses so... you understand.
I've paired the dress with a pair of standard Lita-style shoes, for additional stomping power, and a statement necklace! I previously paired this necklace with a tie-dye dress and I want to emphasize the versatility that can come from a great statement necklace!

Necklace: ABSTRAKT

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