Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boy Stuff

I never used to shop in the men's department of any store, until about two years ago. That was when I decided to take a stroll through the men's sweater department and fell in love. I've always enjoyed menswear inspired pieces, but never embraced actual menswear on women. Now most of my winter sweaters are from the men's department. Including this incredibly comfortable H&M sweater!
This look is for the days you want to be extra comfortable, and still look polished and together. The faux leather For Elyse jeans give the look some edge and the burgundy Blowfish Shoes provide a pop of color (the same color I chose for my lips). As the weather cools down, scarves become an important piece of clothing for me! Having a pixie cut leaves my neck vulnerable to autumn winds. I absolutely love this H&M skull scarf my dear friend, Gina gave me!

Earrings: HANUEL
Scarf: H&M
Sweater: H&M


  1. I agree with you : men's clothes are so cool! I think we can buy whatever we want even if it's for men. I don't understand when some friends say :" I can't buy this, it's from men department." x)