Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Three Ways to Jewel Toned

When I think of shapewear, I always think about Bridget Jone's Diary. You know, that scene when she's deciding between her sexy knickers and the ones that keep her tummy tucked in? Well, Jewel Toned takes that whole dilemma out of the equation. Here is their Major Mini Dress in black. It can be worn on its own or underneath clothing! As you can see it's form fitting, sexy, and surprisingly comfortable! Here it is on it's own, and below are the three ways I chose to style it!

1. Keep Things Simple!

For the first look, I chose to simply add some basic accessories for a more complete outfit for going out. I would wear this out to a bar, or on a date! It's relaxed enough for daytime and can easily translate into nightwear.


2. Get Down To Business!

Here I paired the MMD with a loose, button-down peplum and a blazer. It might not be appropriate for all office settings, but if your job is in the artistic realm, it's more suitable! I'd wear this if I was meeting with a client for the first time.

Blouse: H&M // Jacket: KAII // Shoes: CHELSEA CREW

3. Layer Up!

This last look might be my favorite! You can just layer a sweater on top of it, and it turns the dress into the perfect fitted skirt. Feel free to add a jacket, scarf, hat, or whatever will warm you up! 

Sweater: OASAP // Socks: H&M // Boots: DR. MARTENS


  1. Love all the looks but the business look is my fave. You look amazing!

  2. my favorite look is the first but others are also really nice!

    des bisous de france! ♥

  3. Those are some very chic outfits and pictures! Simple and chic, I really like them xoxo