Saturday, June 6, 2015

Walking On A Dream

I don't know what it is about Tobi, but their clothes always bring the romantic out of me. Especially with this burgundy, off the shoulder chiffon dress! I paired the dress with these lace-up heels from AMI Clubwear and gold jewelry from Stinnys and Le Jolie! You might recognize this purse, or you might not. Plot twist: It's actually the same bag as my Tough in Tulle look! The clutch is has black leather on one side and cream/gray leather on the other, all framed in gold. The perfect bag to complete this romantic look. 10/10 would wear this on a date, instead of just on the overpass.

Necklace: STINNYS
Dress: TOBI
Bracelet: LE JOLIE


  1. I don't discriminate what it is about Tobi; nonetheless their clothes continuously transport the principled out of myself. Particularly with this maroon, off the shoulder chiffon dress! I balancing the clothing through these laces