Saturday, August 8, 2015

IfChic pt. 1

So, there's this really cool site called IfChic. They have an amazing inventory with a great selection of designers!

I mean, just look at these dresses!

And these shoes!!

They do this neat thing, where you can earn IfChic coins, just by visiting and exploring the site! Each coin is worth $1 USD and you can collect up to 6 coins in a single day.

So on the 24th of each month, you can use the coins you've collected towards any item on their site! I was so overwhelmed by their collection of items, I had at least seven tabs open with things I wanted. I finally narrowed it down to these three pieces!

I eventually decided on the Keepsake floral romper, and proceeded to spend all of my IfChic coins on it! (If you don't use them all, the leftovers disappear forever!) So it basically felt like Christmas, except you know what you're getting.

I was so excited when it finally arrived! It was so nicely wrapped I almost didn't want to rip it open! I totally did though.

I love embossed stickers. Highest class stickers around.

I could never wrap anything this nicely using tissue paper.

Here it is! My lovely, lovely, Keepsake romper!

In my next post, I'll show you how I styled it for brunch with my ladies!

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