Friday, April 15, 2016

Fighting Evil By Moonlight

I know most of you are gearing up for festival season, but in this post I'll be talking about wedding season! I'm currently near San Diego for a wedding and missing many festival parties! I'm so excited for this wedding and I do have some festival posts are on the way, but I wanted to share an alternative to a cocktail dress for a spring wedding! Sometimes it's hard to gauge the type of attire for weddings, especially if they begin in the late afternoon. Often times, evening weddings will have a nicer dress code than a day time one, so it's better to be safe with a nice in between alternative. Here I'm wearing a velvet crop from Home Cooked Karma velvet crop top and a tulle midi skirt. I chose to wear my Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon Luna backpack to feel like the magical girl I've always dreamed of, but for a wedding, I would definitely wear a black or silver clutch. I finished the look off with these Clarks Image Crush sandals.  They have padded soles for comfort and they're perfect for the spring/summer! Plus, they can be easily worn for day or night!
Photos by Cat Fennell



  1. Just had your blog recommended to me and I'm so glad. We share a love of fantasy, style, and short hair <3 as well as never running from a real fight ;D

  2. seems like this will be my favorite outfit from now on.