Monday, October 10, 2016

What a Pair (of Polettes)

Love is a wonderful thing, but when beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder's vision is less than perfect... It might be time to grab a pair of glasses. As fun as it was watching Nick squint as he shuffled around the apartment before he put his contacts in, I knew he needed a new pair of frames, since his old, rather sketchy pair kept breaking. I loved all my frames I'd gotten from Polette Eyewear, and they have such a plethora of options, I sent Nick to their site! He found the Muller frames, which are such a classic and modern shape. I'm wearing my Dimphy Black frames. They are light weight, making them perfect for all day wear! It's great not having to squint while driving or making Nick guess what object in the room I'm talking about.

Nick's Frames: Polette Muller
Shoes: Steve Madden

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