Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dirty Ballerina x Nordstrom pt.1

This was shot on my way to Palm Springs with bloggers Yuka and Roxie! We didn't go to Coachella, but we did enjoy the parties! I'm wearing my new favorite summer dress by Dirty Ballerina! They're doing a web re-launch and I am so excited! This dress is so perfect for the Southern California heat! The fabric is light weight and since it's white, it won't absorb those pesky heat waves. Plus, it looks pretty epic when the wind catches it (but less so when I'm holding my hat in place in every picture). A big thanks to Roxie for taking these pictures, and to my sister Kim for letting me borrow her necklace. 

Necklace: LOVE + LEATHER


  1. Great Pics

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  2. The dress looks amazing with this background! The white simply matches this kinda "desert"-colors! Great work xo

  3. aww you look so so pretty! that day was fun! epic times! haha