Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Toucan Play At This Game

Last week I had a magical day with the delightful Ruby from The Ruby Element! We went to The Milk Shop in Silverlake and ordered way too many ice cream sandwiches (well kind of, we ate three). It was a hot and humid day so I wanted my outfit to be super simple. I originally didn't wear any jewelry, but I stumbled into this cute shop called Müsh and ended up buying a few sterling rings! I did, however, wear my cute floral headphones from Ankit! They're noise isolating, which is perfect for blocking out the calming, ambient noise of the street, whatever public transport you're on, and/or people. Plus they're so cute and have such romantic pattern! I thought the colors were cute with my pun-tastic shirt from Dead Legacy! I'm a huge sucker for bad jokes, so naturally I had to own this shirt.

Headphones: ANKIT
Boots: TOBI


  1. Cutie! I need more ice cream sandwiches! xx ;)

  2. Love this outfit and those gorgeous head phone. I do so love anything with a floral motif like that. Oooh, is that a green tea ice cream sandwich!?I want!!

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  3. This look is so cool! ♥ Shoes are perfect!